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About Beth Cavallari Photography

Hi, I’m Beth Cavallari, photographer, writer and stamp collector.

Through my website I sell items featuring my own photography and designs—cards, canvasses, gift tags, stickers, bookmarks. In my photos I try to capture things that enchant, amuse, motivate and engage me, and I make products which I hope will give you some of the same enjoyment.

Apart from my already created products, I use my photography and design ideas to make unique, customised business stationery and office decoration, stationery for weddings and other events, home interior decoration and gifts. Have a look at the images in the Gallery to see what might suit your needs, or contact me to discuss other specific projects.

I am always planning something new—to photograph, to create, to write about. What would you really like to see? Do you have some great ideas for photographs or products? Please let me know!

About Beth Cavallari

I’ve been wondering what it is that drives people to want to document experiences and preserve memories. For me, I am sure it relates to a very early time in my life, watching patches of light wavering on a wall as the wind moved leaves in and out of the sunlight, then seeing the dust motes drifting in a shaft of that same light. Now I find that seeing patterns of light and dark, silhouettes and the tiny details of small things is both calming and uplifting. Perhaps my desire to capture and store memories is related to remembering a time when I was safe and happy, in my small bed, supposedly having my afternoon nap. Or maybe it’s just another facet of my overactive desire to collect and organise things.

Over the years my love of patterns and details grew into a fascination for the small, weird and wonderful. My father taught me to be observant; my mother taught me to be patient. From both my parents I learned the importance of every element of nature, every life-cycle and every drop of water. They taught me about art, photography and humour too.

My favourite photographic subject is nature—insects, animals, plants and sometimes even people. My favourite type of photography is close-up. When I see even an everyday fragment of nature through a close-up lens it becomes alien and astonishing, and shows a level of detail that is beautiful. To me, close-ups show the magic in an everyday world.

As an adult, curiosity compelled me to buy a macro lens, to capture those unseen magical details close-up. Persistence and patience persuade me to keep a tripod, picnic rug and a fold-up chair in the car at all times. Nature reminds me (repeatedly) that insect repellent, sun-cream and water are all essential for the alfresco photographer.

I find that I do not have to go very far to be in the middle of nature. Many of my photos are taken in my front garden. Wherever I am, I like to find a patch of bush, dirt, grass, sand, water or even weeds, to sit still and quiet and I find that nature comes to me. (Which is just as well, because walking long distances is not one of my strong points.) I can hear nature surrounding me, in bird song and cicada chorus, I can feel it moving around me with sun and wind, I can see its presence and its past.

Now I am based in Murwillumbah, New South Wales, Australia. I work full-time on my photography and my writing, leaving behind a long and happy career in education. In my spare time I continue to work on my out-of-control stamp collection.

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