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Butcher bird with umbrella

Finding Images

The Gallery shows a range of photographs organised in topics. Photos are often displayed in more than one category, for example, this photograph of a butcherbird on a red umbrella appears in the Animals category Birds; the Colour category Red; and the Country category Australia.

You can find specific photos by clicking through the category and sub-category pages or by browsing all the photos from the main Gallery page. You can also search for a particular photo using the Search magnifying glass at the very top of the screen.

Each photo has a brief description with it and an identifying number and name.

Some of the photos in the gallery are already available as a product—the photo description will tell you which ones, or you can browse through all of them in the Shop.

I am happy to use the gallery photographs to create custom products for you—either single items or multiple items (such as sets of greetings cards, business cards, gift tags or bookmarks).

Please contact me if you have something special in mind that you cannot find in the gallery

Each week I add new photos to the gallery, so come back often to check them out!